Brewing Beer is an intense & fun activity! Would you like to brew yourself or are you interested in having your own beer brewed for you? We can make it happen!

Your very own brew:

We work in batches of 50 to 100 liter. Together with our brewmaster you make up a recipe (He will advise you about the possibilities & limitations and make sure you are aware of the costs). Three to five months later you will have your very own handcrafted beer. What are the costs? We ask 50 euros plus 6 euros the liter for a basic recipe. The price per liter chances depending on the recipe that comes together.

A brewing session:

You would like to experience first hand what its like to brew? Plan a day with our brewmaster for a brewing session! Whats the cost? 45 euros per person! Whats included?

  • An introduction to the beer brewing process.
  • Minimum of four beer tastings.
  • A meal (Croques, quiches) with optional dessert (ice-cream, waffles).
  • 3 bottles of the beer that’s brewed together.
  • A whole day of brewing from start to finish


You would like to brew your own recipe together with our brewmaster? Same prices apply, but you are not obligated to buy the entire batch of beer. You can choose how many liters you’d like to purchase yourself!

Discuss the possibilities, limitations & prices with our brewmaster!